Natural gas

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We remain a key exporter of natural gas to the gulf.
We believe in maintaining the highest quality for all its supplies to customers (industrial and domestic). We take the full responsibility to give its customer an uninterrupted supply of quality LPG.
We provide the imported LPG, Propane & Butane. These are high purity gases, gas field products as they don’t undergo any thermal cracking and are hence free from all unsaturates. Theses gases can be used in the most clean combustion operations also without any problems.
The company ensures consistently high grade of product supplies to its valued customers thereby ensuring efficient combustion at the end user point All the Industrial consumer's will get the test certificates for assuring the quality of LPG / Propane and Butane and all the Supplies are as per IS norms along with the sealed tanker deliveries. We believe in the Policy of Quick and Perfect supply.